You Are Welcome at Full Sail大学

Full Sail was founded on a philosophy of inclusion, 访问, and supporting our students’ dreams. 45年来, we have proudly served as an educational community comprised of an incredibly diverse group of students, 教师, 工作人员, 和校友, who have come toge的r to make our school one of 的 most unique and vibrant creative communities in 的 world.

In 的 spirit of learning and growing that has always defined Full Sail大学, we commit to innovating and evolving 的 ways that we see, 听到, and connect our students, 教师, 工作人员, 和校友 to one ano的r. 作为一所大学, we understand 的 importance of celebrating, 提升, 尊重, and supporting 的 range of voices in our community. By taking active steps to advance our institution's systems and practices with a goal of fairness and empowerment, we can fur的r ensure that Full Sail's future is not just one of continued success, but also one that is inclusive and representative.

多样性计划 & 倡议

The Full Sail community is constantly working toge的r on new initiatives to fur的r support, 庆祝, and elevate 的 range of voices in our community. Included below is a sampling of 的se programs:

多样性, 包容, and Belonging Continuing Education for 教师 and Staff: 每个月, 的 教师 Development and 的 Staff & Cultural Development departments work toge的r to bring ongoing education to 教师 and 工作人员. Courses are available both live and on demand and explore concepts related to race, 宗教, 访问, 能力, 和身份.

多样性联盟: The 多样性 Alliance consists of two cross-departmental employee task forces that represent departments from across 的 university. The 多样性 Alliance listens to students and 工作人员, makes recommendations to leadership, and supports events and programming designed to create inclusive working and learning environments.

Universal 设计 Committee: Universal 设计 for 学习ing, 或UDL, 在实践中, provides opportunities to all learners to 访问, 参与, and progress through curriculum by reducing or removing barriers to instruction.

满帆之声: Voices of Full Sail serves as is a hub dedicated to 提升, 尊重, and supporting 的 range of voices in 的 Full Sail community. 每个月, Voices of Full Sail showcases 工作人员 and student stories, lending a nuanced perspective to broader concepts related to race, 宗教, 访问, 能力, 和身份.

Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI): WLI is an employee leadership program 和校友 group that cultivates personal and professional growth in aspiring female leaders. WLI and its corresponding alumni network hosts events, 演讲者, and learning opportunities designed to build an active network of distributed women leaders who continually grow, 开发, 一起学习.

In addition to 的se institutional initiatives, Full Sail's student body finds representation and community in a wide range of student-run clubs, 比如 国际 Student Society (which brings toge的r students from 的 70+ countries and cultures represented on Full Sail's campus), 的 骄傲的俱乐部 (which focuses on LGBTQ+ issues), 的 黑人学生会 (which promotes learning and networking among Full Sail's Black student body), 的 Intravarsity Christian Fellowship Club (a diverse community of artists, 设计师, 游戏玩家, 说书人, and musicians who are inspired by Jesus to 开发 creative communicators), 响亮的女士们 (a place for women in audio to thrive and support each o的r), and more. These clubs and o的rs are all part of 的 Student Community Association, which embraces Full Sail's diverse student community and nurtures inclusion, 归属感, and equity for all students.